We’ve finished many great projects and we start with a lot of them and we’re working hard to finish. Czs Yapı always carries out reliable, sound and economic solutions as well as customer satisfaction oriented projects.

Ongoing Projects

Iraq Baghdad - American University
Iraq Baghdad - Glass Cubes
Iraq Baghdad - Steel Middle Floors
Iraq Baghdad - Fire Escapes
Iraq Baghdad - JDC Balcony Hangers
Qatar - Shooting Range
Ruanda Kigali Arena Project
Turkmenistan Mosque Dome Project

Completed Projects

Altıntel Seaport
Iraq Karbala Oritorium
Samandıra Erpiliç
Eskişehir Şişecam Bunker Project
Ayşe Sıdıka Overpass Project
Tuzla Overpass Project
Köseköy Overpass Project
Aircraft Hangar
Iraq Sarabilint Project
Baku Military Training Tower Project
Üsküdar School Project
Gürsoy Construction RMK Marine Project
Medipol Hospital Project
Tekirdağ Warehouse Project
Bayburt Animal Farm Project
Kuwait Clamp Roof Project
Sivas Animal Farm Project
Palestine Clamp Roof Project
Aydınlar Food Project
Dudullu Sarıtaş Project
Organized Industrial Site Project
Ekol Logistic Project
Iraq Erbil Project
Space Roof Projects
Space Roof Projects